The Governments of Canada and Israel, CIIRDF aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in industrial R&D activities for peaceful purposes. CIIRDF promotes and enhances all forms of industrial sector cooperation in accordance with their respective legislation, as well as their respective economic and development policies and priorities. CIIRDF encourages, supports and facilitates:

  • Maintenance of a database on Canadian and Israeli corporations’ capabilities as prospective industrial R&D partners
  • Exchange of information on technologies and know-how, licensing arrangements and industrial consultancy
  • Contact between respective industrial R&D and technological communities
  • Exchange of views on the formulation and application of industrial R&D and technology policies
  • Canadian and Israeli corporations in establishing joint industrial R&D ventures and assisting in the creation of collaboration between them
  • Transfer of technology through industrial R&D programs to promote the application, adaptation and improvement of existing and new technological products and processes

In support of these binational objectives, CIIRDF offers Canadian and Israeli companies:

R&D Funding
Technology Matchmaking
Partnership Development Activities