CIIRDF Announces New Bilateral Technology Projects Valued at $12 Million

Canada-Israel Industrial Research & Development FoundationFinanceCIIRDF Announces New Bilateral Technology Projects Valued at $12 Million
11 May 2018
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The Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (CIIRDF) today announced eight new bilateral R&D projects valued at almost $12 million that will help Canadian and Israeli firms compete in global markets.

Leveraging $4.7 million from CIIRDF, the projects bring together 20 Canadian and Israeli technology companies and research partners to create and commercialize new technologies with application in agriculture, energy, aerospace, and communications technologies.

Once commercialized, the emerging innovations are expected to generate downstream sales for partnering firms, and deliver significant return on this investment.  This will drive the creation of new high-quality jobs, spin-off products, services and applications, and long-term economic benefit to both Canada and Israel.

To learn more, download the complete CIIRDF Press Release and Project Backgrounder

For additional information, please contact:

Sonya Shorey
Communication Strategist
Cell: 613.851.9416

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