CIIRDF Awards Model

CIIRDF Awards Model

Leveraging funding from industry participants, the Governments of Canada and Israel, CIIRDF reduces the risk of bilateral R&D initiatives undertaken by Canadian and Israeli companies, while increasing the commercial potential of the emerging jointly developed products. CIIRDF awards are provided on a cost-share basis for up to 50 percent of the total bilateral R&D project costs. Eligible initiatives include:

  • Feasibility Studies or investigations to determine the technical feasibility or market viability of a new product or process concept: CIIRDF funds up to a maximum of CDN $20,000; and
  • Full R&D Projects: CIIRDF funds up to a maximum of CDN $800,000.

CIIRDF does not retain equity or intellectual property rights as a result of its contribution. Should the project result in commercialization and revenue generation, CIIRDF requires that the award be repaid by the project partners. If the project does not lead to revenue generation due to technical or marketing failure, repayment to CIIRDF is not required.

The Project

The bilateral R&D project is defined by the scope and duration of the R&D program established by participating companies. As technology commercialization is a key goal of CIIRDF, the jointly developed product should be near ‘market-ready’ by the conclusion of the project. Feasibility studies have a maximum duration of six months, while complete R&D projects have a maximum duration of two years.

The Proposer

The collaborating Israeli and Canadian companies are collectively referred to as the “Proposer.” The agreement developed between CIIRDF and the Proposer is typically a three-party agreement that brings together the Canadian and Israeli companies and CIIRDF. It is distinct from any existing agreement, contract or joint business plan directly established between the participating Canadian and Israeli firms. Although the company-company agreement is not subject to review by CIIRDF, it is expected that:

  • Both firms will benefit from the collaborative R&D project, and
  • The collaborators have agreed on issues relating to manufacturing rights, marketing, intellectual property rights, etc.

Review Process

There are two categories of project applications: feasibility studies and full-scale R&D projects. Feasibility studies can be approved by the President of CIIRDF. Full-scale project proposals will receive expert evaluations in Canada and Israel and s require approval from the CIIRDF Board of Directors.

Timing of Proposal Submission

Proposals for feasibility studies may be submitted to CIIRDF at any time. CIIRDF typically requires four weeks to provide a decision on these applications. Full-scale R&D project proposals are accepted during the Call for Proposal process. Please contact CIIRDF for the next CFP schedule.