KmX Corporation is a clean tech company whose membrane distillation technologies provide liquid/solid separation solutions for ultra-saline brine water recovery.  KmX’s goal is to replace energy intensive thermal technologies such as crystallizers and evaporators, with low energy “selective” membranes.

KmX’s hollow fiber, vacuum membrane distillation (HF-VMD) membrane offers a unique solution for brine management and the achievement of zero liquid discharge. The HF-VMD process recovers high purity water for reuse or discharge from challenging industrial waste streams.  KmX’s systems provide high water recovery rates (up to 95%), superior uptime and lower energy requirements than competing technologies.  The HF-VMD system is simple to operate, modular and easily configurable over a wide range of mining, oil and gas and industrial waste streams.  Our membrane solutions reduce costs and operational complexities while reducing environmental footprints.

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KmX Corp. 2270 Speers Road, Oakville, ON, Canada L6L 2X8

T: 905 513 4232 | F: 905 513 4256 |

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