Eligible Recipients

CIIRDF supports valuable industry-led technological innovation projects that exploit synergies between the partners and target international markets or global industrial value chains.

Companies operating in Canada and in Israel that are equipped to conduct joint research, development and innovation activities, and that can demonstrate their ability to achieve the stated objectives of the proposed project, are eligible to receive CIIRDF funding. Lead applicants from Canada and Israel must be two legal entities independent of each other, meaning that neither is under the direct or indirect control of the other or under the same direct or indirect control as the other.

Please note: Applicant companies do not have to be profitable, or even have commenced sales, however they should be in operation for at least one calendar year, having:

  • Initial operating capital
  • Operation on their own premises
  • Employees on payroll
  • Capabilities in research and development (initiated prior to the CIIRDF project application)

*Agencies of the Crown (including Crown corporations, government institutes, government laboratories, etc.) may participate as collaborators in CIIRDF funded projects, however they may not serve as lead applicants; or receive any part of a CIIRDF grant.

Eligible Activities

The following activities are eligible for CIIRDF funding; these initiatives may be conducted in any sector of industrial technology development:

  • Joint Innovative Industrial Research: Planned research or critical investigation aimed at the discovery of new knowledge that may be useful in developing new products, processes or services, or improving existing products, processes or services.
  • Joint Pre-Competitive Development: Translation of industrial research findings into a plan, blueprint or design for new, modified or improved products, processes or services; conceptual formulation and design of products, processes or service alternatives; initial demonstrations and prototypes; and other related pre-production activities.
  • Feasibility Studies: Studies that focus on the technical and market viability of potential industrial research, pre-competitive development projects or related activities.
    Note: Proposals for collaborative projects are expected to include significant innovative R&D that combines or capitalizes on complementary technologies of the Canadian and the Israeli company.

Eligible Costs

Eligible CIIRDF project expenditures include labour, material and other costs that are directly attributable to the project. Overhead expenditures such as indirect labour, general and administrative expenses may be also eligible. Specialized equipment for the project may be eligible as well.

CIIRDF does not support costs associated with land and buildings. For additional information on eligible and ineligible project expenditures, please contact CIIRDF directly.