Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority is charged with execution of government policy for support of industrial R&D. The goal of the Innovation Authority is to assist in the development of technology in Israel as a means of fostering economic growth, encouraging technological innovation and entrepreneurship, leveraging Israel’s scientific potential, enhancing the knowledge base of industry in Israel, stimulating high value-added R&D and encouraging R&D collaboration both nationally and internationally. A variety of ongoing support programs developed and offered by the Innovation Authority play a major role in enabling Israel to be a key center for high tech entrepreneurship. This broad spectrum support stimulates the development of innovative state of the art technologies, enhances the competitive power of the industry in the high-tech global market, creates employment opportunities and assists in redressing Israel’s balance of payments. In addition to its domestic activities, the Innovation Authority is involved in a myriad of bi- and multinational industrial R&D agreements. For additional information, please visit:

In addition to the Israel Innovation Authority, CIIRDF works closely with the Embassy of Israel – Ottawa and many world class universities and public research institutes in Israel. These include: the Technion IITHebrew University; the Weizmann Institutethe University of HaifaTel Aviv University; and Ben Gurion University.