Partnership Development Activities

Partnership Development Activities

Partnership Development Activities (PDAs) bring together researchers, developers, industry leaders, subject matter experts and other stakeholders from different countries to explore novel models of R&D collaboration, and innovative ways to work cooperatively on the development of solutions.

PDAs aim to help participants become more competitive by developing global research-based alliances with the potential to foster increased or expanded international R&D collaboration. PDAs may take the form of:

  • Collaborative events such as workshops, symposia, roundtables, scientific seminars, and conferences; or
  • Other activities that enable the mobility of highly qualified personnel, such as student internship programs or employee exchanges

PDAs are highly strategic as they promote the identification of new opportunities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation and prospective funding partners. This expands the vision, scope and reach of CIIRDF, helping to better deliver on the overall objectives of the program and add greater value to participants.

Over the last few years, CIIRDF has hosted bilateral and multilateral PDAs in areas of shared priority, including: brain research and neurotechnology development; water technologies; marine and ocean technology; agri-innovation; clean technologies; and medical technologies.