Wearing Heart Technology on your Sleeve: CIIRDF Enables the First Smart ECG Monitoring Garment of its Kind

Canada-Israel Industrial Research & Development FoundationWearing Heart Technology on your Sleeve: CIIRDF Enables the First Smart ECG Monitoring Garment of its Kind


Canadian Company: CardioComm Solutions, Inc.

Israeli Company: HealthWatch LTD

Sector: Medical Technology; Life Sciences


Each year, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) claim the lives of 17.9 million people worldwide. Four out of five CVD deaths are attributed to heart attacks and strokes. Early detection, diagnosis and proactive management of CVD risks can reduce cardiac incidents, minimize hospitalization and help save lives.

A Canada-Israeli R&D team is working together to help those who suffer from CVDs to live longer and healthier, while helping to reduce healthcare costs and wait times. The collaborators have revolutionized the electrocardiogram (ECG), a common cardiac diagnostic devices used to monitor the electrical activity of the heart. They aim to address the need for real time, long-term ECG monitoring while patients are walking (ambulatory) and performing daily activities. This represents a key segment of the global ECG equipment and management market which is expected to reach USD $7.63 million by 2025.


This CIIRDF-supported R&D project brought together:

  • HealthWatch LTD, an Israeli medical device technology company with expertise in smart textile, sensors and analytics. The hardware firm develops cutting-edge next generation sensor technology that transforms clothing into health monitoring devices. This includes the first commercial 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) smart digital garment that unobtrusively measures vital signs, and has acquired FDA approval in the US, and the CE Mark in Europe.
  • CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (CardioComm), a Canadian company in the medical diagnostic industry that develops, sells, and markets medical software and devices. With international recognition as an ISO certified company with FDA, Health Canada, and CE Mark approval, CardioComm specializes in the development of computer-ECG management and reporting software that enables the accurate recording, transmission and viewing of ECGs.

With support from CIIRDF, the collaborators combined CardioComm analytic software with the HealthWatch sensor to develop a new ECG based patient management platform. The co-created 12-lead ECG smart shirt addresses key markets including:

  • Cardiac patients who require consistent monitoring but are unable to wear a Holter monitor, or hold a device;
  • Ambulatory ECG monitoring and arrhythmia screening in sports; and
  • Traditional primary or secondary cardiac disease prevention markets.

In addition, the collaborators established a new ECG viewer that improves the cardiac images, enabling more accurate diagnosis and treatment.


“CIIRDF funding enabled us to partner with HealthWatch in a highly productive way. Our respective companies each hold FDA Class II approvals for medical devices, reinforcing our internationally recognized leadership in this field. With the support of CIIRDF, we leveraged our collective strengths and jointly developed new technology that will revolutionize cardiac care. We are particularly excited about the new ECG viewer created as part of this Canada-Israel project, and its potential application in telemedicine and related biotech fields. We look forward to evolving our collaboration with HeathWatch, enhancing the functionality of this product, and bringing it to markets around the world.

Etienne Grima, CEO, CardioComm Solutions, Inc.

“This CIIRDF project allowed us to fast-track the co-development of this wearable ECG garment. It also enabled us to execute a co-marketing strategy that promises to open-up new markets, and catalyze new sales and revenues. In support of these goals, we recently attended Medica 2018 in Germany to promote our solution to prospective customers in Europe. Our smart EGC monitoring shirt offers a superior alternative to existing ECG recording products that typically feature patches, straps, electrodes and cables. It is also ideally suited for athletes who routinely monitor their cardiac activity. Our technology will improve quality of life of many users, and most importantly, help save more lives.

Israel Schreiber, CEO, HealthWatch