Value Proposition

In a partnership that is truly greater than the sum of its parts, CIIRDF enables Canadian and Israeli firms to combine complementary technologies, expertise and other resources for the joint development of new innovations. This delivers immense benefit to both economies as the emerging innovations are procured by customers in markets outside of Canada and Israel. This underscores how bilateral industry-led partnerships stimulate commercial activity, open new markets and increase trade and exports.

Canadian and Israeli firms emphasize that CIIRDF-supported technology partnerships have positioned them in emerging markets such as India, China and Brazil, as well as the US, South America, Europe and Asia more broadly. These technology partnerships do not simply enable the creation of a new product or two. They provide firms with a sustainable competitive edge, and position them for long-term opportunity in new global markets. This is one of the most prominent facets of the CIIRDF value proposition and track record.

Perhaps most impressive: CIIRDF has achieved these results with a base funding of modest $1 million per year from the Government of Canada and the Government of Israel since its inception in 1995. Although the outcomes of each individual project are successes in their own right, it is the summation of these results that speaks to the power of bilateral R&D partnerships. Over the last 20 years, CIIRDF has invested $50 million in bilateral R&D projects that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in economic value for Canada and Israel. It is challenging to find such a multiplier in today’s economy. It reinforces the significant leverage and return that is gained through modest investments in CIIRDF.

CIIRDF-funded projects also deliver social benefit to both countries. CIIRDF is proud to support R&D initiatives that aim to:

  • Help scientists to better predict large earthquakes and minimize their damage
  • Create cars that provide better fuel economy, while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming
  • Transform sea water into fresh water to address the global shortage of this life-giving resource, and create new water sources for land reclamation and agriculture
  • Develop new technologies that improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer

The success of the foundation may be measured by the many economic and social benefits it has delivered to Canada and Israel. CIIRDF is delivering economic value, helping to build resilient companies, creating jobs and opening new markets for Canadian and Israeli firms.

The importance of technology partnerships – and a strong CIIRDF program – cannot be overstated, particularly as Canada and Israel strive to capture lucrative markets beyond their borders to help build their national economies. As illustrated by the CIIRDF outcomes and impact to date, these partnerships serve as highly effective and efficient economic levers, opening foreign markets and generating value that far exceeds CIIRDF project investment.