R&D Funding

Canada-Israel company partners have the opportunity to receive funding to cover up to $800,000 or 50% of the research and development costs of technology-based products and processes (whichever is less) that have a reasonable potential for commercial success. Should the funded project result in commercialization, the partners will be responsible for the repayment of the funding amount each has received from CIIRDF.

The first step of the application process is to complete a Summary Outline and submit it to CIIRDF for pre-proposal evaluation. Download here:

CIIRDF Summary Proposal Template (English)

CIIRDF Summary Proposal Template (French)

CIIRDF actively assists companies in both countries to identify appropriate candidates for R&D partnerships. If you would like to explore opportunities to collaborate with other Israeli companies, please see Partnership Facilitation.

Joint CIIRDF-NSERC Funding Opportunity for Canadian Participants

In February 2012, CIIRDF and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) joined forces and signed an agreement aligning their respective collaborative R&D programs. The alliance enables CIIRDF and NSERC to jointly solicit, evaluate and fund Canadian researchers who collaborate on joint R&D projects that bring together companies from Canada and Israel.

Canadian university and college researchers participating in the CIIRDF projects may apply for an NSERC Collaborative R&D (CRD) and Applied R&D (ARD) grant as part of the funding application to CIIRDF. Please note that the proposed area of R&D must be in accordance with NSERC CRD or ARD grant objectives. While all research areas are eligible for ARD proposals, research in health, social sciences or humanities is not eligible for funding under the CRD grant.

For additional information on this new funding opportunity, please reference the CIIRDF-NSERC Application Guidelines.