Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

CIIRDF assesses project proposals in the context of their relevance to the objectives of the program, namely the extent to which the applicants demonstrate that:

  • The project contributes to the strategic objectives of the CIIRDF program, this includes deliver of technological and net economic benefits to Canada and Israel such as increased economic growth, job and wealth creation, and sustainable development);
  • The project is technologically feasible, and that the applicant possesses (or can reasonably be expected to secure), the technological and managerial capabilities and financial resources required to achieve the stated objectives of the project;
  • A contribution from CIIRDF is required to ensure that the project (either individually or as part of a portfolio of related applicant activities) proceeds with the desired scope, timing or location.

The following information may be helpful as you develop your R&D project proposal for CIIRDF:

  • Technology Development to be Performed in Canada and Israel: It is expected that all technology development and production will take place in Canada and Israel unless otherwise specifically approved by CIIRDF.
  • Outstanding Obligations: It is CIIRDF policy not to make investments in projects if the applicants are not up-to-date in fulfilling their obligations to CIIRDF or other programs funded by the Canadian or Israeli governments.
  • Funding from Other Government Sources: You must identify all sources of government funding obtained for the project, including federal, provincial or municipal government assistance. If funding from any sources, other than federal and provincial tax credits, becomes available during the course of the project, you must inform CIIRDF. The foundation has the right to reduce its contribution based on the availability of new assistance.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: CIIRDF reserves the right to conduct contribution audits on all projects. Successful program applicants may be selected for a contribution audit as required by the CIIRDF Board of Directors. Applicants with active projects will also be required to participate in an annual site visit and review by CIIRDF staff, technical and/or financial advisors.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: It is expected that the applicants/partners will retain all rights to the Intellectual Property for any technology developed as part of the CIIRDF-supported project.
  • Environmental Certification: Before project funding can be approved, applicants are required to certify that all necessary environmental protection measures related to the CIIRDF project are implemented and will be maintained; and that all regulatory bodies are satisfied.

Lobbyists: It is CIIRDF policy that consultants and lobbyists cannot be paid on a contingency-style-basis, proposals with such expenditures will be rejected.